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Stand Up Paddling originates from Hawaï. A couple of years ago, it found its way to the Netherlands and only recently did it became increasingly popular.

Many people have already tried this sport with us, on their own while renting a board or with some guidance of us. We like welcoming everyone to really enjoy their time at Sup Center Amsterdam. It starts with the scenery you enter in, which resembles a beach bar.  It almost feels like being on a holiday and shouldn’t every day feel like that? Some lounge chairs, the music on and the sup boards ready. On top of that, we are fortunate to have a perfect spot, where you can cross the “Nieuwe Meer” or just start easy with a tour around the harbor, where even in the hardest of weather conditions, paddling is still easily being sheltered from the wind. And in addition to what we already had to offer, we now add completely new sup classes. Join a guided tour across the Amsterdam Forest, get some technique guidance or try the many other ways to use the sup board, like a balance or fitness class on the water.

Enjoy an outdoor workout, on the water, in the backyard of Amsterdam with the Forest nearby. We invite you to come and check it out for yourself! We absolutely love Stand Up Paddling and we’re quite assured you’ll get as excited as us, once you’re out there on the water, finding your balance and experiencing the feeling!