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Rent a sup board and paddle on your own

SUP CENTER AMSTERDAM has different types of Mistral boards for rental.

The most frequently used is the MISTRAL KAILUA FITNESS 11.5. This is an inflatable board, very easy to paddle on, perfect for Stand Up Paddlers of all levels. Don’t think of this inflatable board as an inflatable air mat, these boards are very hard. And with the soft topping, it’s a comfortable board to use for fitness or balance workouts.

We also have a few MISTRAL ADVENTURE 11.5 boards. Also a real allround board, very secure on the water, easy and stable to paddle. A very light board, which makes it easier to pick up speed. You’ll float across the water!

All our rental boards come with a calf leash and a paddle. Don’t mind falling of your board, the leash makes sure it won’t go anywhere. You have ankle and calf leashes, we prefer the latter since it keeps the leash away from your feet and avoids tangling. All our paddles are adjustable in size, so suited for everyone.

If at one time, you get so addicted to this amazing sport and start dreaming of getting your own board, we’ld be happy to advise you. There is lots to consider: an inflatable or a hard board, which kind of Stand Up Paddle do you prefer: racing, sea paddling, flat water paddling and/or touring etc. Try out different boards, find out which board suits you and invest in the one board which will become your favorite pal.

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