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Stand Up Paddle is anything but a dull sport. We happily take the time to teach you the basics, but you can just as well choose to try something completely different with the SUP board. Like a relaxing SUPBALANCE class, with yoga and pilates exercises or a SUPFITNESS class, with a full body workout! Or do you fancy a tour across the Amsterdam Forest? You can book these classes for one or more persons on a date and time which suits you best. Pick your choice from one of the classes beneath.

Or join one of the scheduled classes, which you’ll find announced on facebook or here.

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Stand Up Paddle is no difficult yet very fun sport! How to hold your paddle? Which is the most stable position? How to move forwards, backwards and sidewards? How to stop? We’ll take the time to explain it in a simple and fun way… on the water, since this is what makes this sport unique: you move freely on the water!

It’s easy to get started with Stand Up Paddling. It only takes a little stability, moving your paddle through the water and you’re up and about. Once you’ld like to pick up speed, reduce the sourness in your shoulders after a SUP workout and train the right muscles, you might benefit with some tips and exercises in which we improve your technique. This way, you can get more out of your SUP workout.

Take a drink, your slippers and some sunscreen along and get on your board. You’re ready to discover the beautiful surroundings of the big city of Amsterdam. You might be surprised by how nearby and peaceful nature is and how different it is, seen from the water. We’ll show you where to go, how to carry your boards and make sure you’ll have a good time.

A full body workout on a SUP board. Legs, abdominals, arms, shoulders, back… we’ll make sure all of your muscles get trained. With some music, out on the water and a good pace, it’s fun doing sports. We start with some paddling, we then attach all boards to a floating island and have a sweaty workout and end our workout by paddling back. It’s fun following a group fitness class in the gym, but this is even better and something completely new!

The next level in bootcamp: get your heartbeat up with some fast paddling, take your board out of the water for some challenging bootcamp exercises in the park and then get back out on the water to try some burpees, planking and push-ups while stand up paddling. We combine SUP and bootcamp to an even more challenging and fun workout!

Enjoy a combination of yoga and pilates… on a yoga SUP board. Stretching exercises for flexibility, balance and strength exercises for a stronger body, peaceful music for a relaxed state of mind. With nature nearby, out on the water, relax and strengthen … body & mind!